Multi-sheet landscapes

Richmond Park – 2017-059
graphite on joined papers, 116 x 164 cm, 45.5 x 64.5 in.

These pieces explore creating larger paintings and drawings out of many paper sheets that are then combined together. Each sheet is worked on separately without immediate reference to the sheets above and to the sides. This leads to distortions in the combined image where each sheet registers imperfectly with the sheet next to it.

The piece above, Richmond Park – 2017-059, is taken from a photograph, as is the work below, Old Tree, Richmond Park – 2017-026. Each sheet was worked up from a portion of a single photograph zoomed-in on an iPad screen.

Old tree, Richmond Park – 2017-026
acrylic, ink, compressed charcoal and graphite on 9 sheets of paper, 183 x 137 cm, 72 x 54 in.

10-part birds of paradise and carob tree, Los Angeles – 2017-019 below was painted plein-air. Working outside from nature introduces an additional distortion of depth perception compared to the works based on photographs. This is apparent on the right side of this piece where the landscape recedes to a much greater extent than the birds of paradise on the left.

10-part birds of paradise and carob tree, Los Angeles – 2017-019
acrylic, acrylic modelling paste, compressed charcoal and sumi ink on 10 sheets of paper, 864 x 3560 mm, 34 x 140 in.